Treatment Services


Community Responsibility Program (CRP)

Developed in 1985, this Diversion and Transition program was designed for low- to moderate-risk sex offenders and primarily treats offenders who have committed crimes against children.


Community Return to Custody Facility program (CRCF)

ComCor’s Community Return to Custody Facility (CRCF) program is a treatment program for male and female offenders that was developed and implemented in partnership with the Colorado Department of Corrections Division of Adult Parole, Community Corrections and Youthful Offender System (APCCYOS). It provides services structured to address the individual needs of parolees who were unsuccessful in transitioning into the community by committing a technical violation of their parole pursuant to Senate Bill 252.


Intensive Residential Treatment (CLC-IRT)

ComCor’s Intensive Residential Treatment Program, referred to as ComCor Life Choices, an Intensive Residential Treatment program (or “CLC-IRT”), is a 45-day program for male and female probationers who exhibit substance abuse problems and high levels of criminogenic needs.


Residential Dual Diagnosis Treatment (RDDT)

The ComCor RDDT program is part of a continuum of treatment services for Transition, Diversion and Condition of Parole clients. This program serves clients with chronic mental health issues and substance dependence.



Dual Diagnosis Group

The Dual Diagnosis Group is an outpatient cognitive-behavioral therapy group designed for male and female offenders with a chronic mental illness who also suffer from substance abuse/dependence. It is a curriculum-based recovery group, intended to help members overcome the challenges of living with a dual diagnosis.