The ComCor Transportation Assistance Program (CTAP)

ComCor’s 2016 fundraising goal is $63,000. These funds will allow us to continue offering employment transportation services for our clients through the ComCor Transportation Assistance Program (CTAP).

The CTAP program provides employment related transportation services to low income clients so they can find and keep a job.  When our clients are employed they are able to offset the cost of their incarceration. pay restitution, pay child support, support their families and successfully complete their sentence.  This program has proven to be a critical piece of the success of many of our clients.  In 2015, when ComCor was forced to cutback CTAP services in response to a loss in funding, our clients were the first people to speak up.

GettyImages_548553303“For those of us who work nights and depend on CTAP to get back from our jobs, it (not having CTAP) makes it difficult to find alternate transportation when certain busses don’t have a night schedule”  Danielle

“I’ve used CTAP to look for employment and now to get to and from work.  The recent change in the schedule has made it very difficult to get to work on the weekends and also hard to get back in the evenings… CTAP was a great privilege and is sorely missed.  Please bring it back”  William GettyImages_540800239

“CTAP was one of the best assets to the ComCor program, in my opinion, because we knew one thing for sure… we had a guaranteed way back to work.” Melanie

“If we were to lose CTAP transport a lot of us would lose our jobs and it would make it harder for anyone to find a job or get top interviews for possible job interviews therefore it would narrow our success rate”   Chelsea

GettyImages_103162301“It (CTAP) benefits so many people as well as myself.  I utilize CTAP daily and feel having this opportunity helps not only getting to work on time but a reliable way as well that it is dependable.  It enables those who are not from here to get around… It is very easy to get discouraged when you’re lost…” Lynn

“When the weekend CTAP was running I was getting to work on time, it was hard to find a ride when it was stopped and I was getting to work an hour late or sometimes miss work….thank you for everything especially the CTAP drivers”  Jezediah


An investment in our programs is an investment in people, in families, and in our community so please donate today.

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