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 Client Information


What is community corrections?
Community corrections is an alternative to serving a sentence in jail or prison. It also provides a streamlined re-entry process for selected inmates from the Colorado Department of Corrections. This method was created by the state legislature to allow people to work while serving their sentence.

What is ComCor, inc.?
ComCor is a nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. The agency is authorized to provide community corrections services for the federal government, the state of Colorado and El Paso County.  Top

What is living at ComCor like?
Shared roomGenerally speaking, each room is shared by 4 or more roomates.  Everyone is expected to help keep the room clean.  Each person is required to keep his or her clothing and linen clean.  There is limited space in each room for clothing an personal items.  ComCor staff regularly check on each person in each room 24/7.  All areas of each room are subject to regular contraband searches.

Will I be required to go to classes or therapy?
Many clients are required to take certain classes or therapy.  These requirements are based upon the needs of each client and the requirements set forth by the referral or sentencing authority.  Some different kinds of treatment classes include substance abuse treatment, relapse prevention, cognitive skills, parenting, etc.

What is the cost?
Costs vary depending upon which program the client is in. The fees are fixed and are the same for each client in the program.  This requirement was created to save taxpayer dollars by requiring each client to pay for a portion of the cost of their incarceration.  If a client does not pay their fees, it is likely that they will be returned to custody.  This arrangement should be clearly understood before a client accepts a community corrections sentence.

What about transportation?
For the most part, clients will need to arrange for their own transportation.  Most clients walk, ride the bus or get rides from family members.  The city bus system makes stops near each facility. City bus maps and schedules are available to clients.

Can I have visitors?
Clients can have pre-approved visitation with friends or family as long as there are no active restraining orders between the client and his or her visitors.  All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  Clients may have up to 5 pre-approved visitors but only 2 adults may visit at one time.  Visitors are required to sign in upon arrival and sign out upon departure.  All adult visitors must provide a valid driver’s license or state ID and are only allowed to visit in designated areas.  Professionals such as attorneys or probation officers may visit any time.

What is home or residential detention?
Some clients are sentenced to or ordered to complete a sentence while being alowed to live at their home.  Usually, these clients are subject to close monitoring by wearing an ankle bracelet and/or continuous alcohol and drug monitoring equipment.

What should I bring?
Each client should bring seven days worth of clothes and non-alcoholic hygeine items.  Clients can also bring some small personal items like an alarm clock, books, pictures of loved ones or writing materials.  Keep in mind that space in each room is limited, and the total value of personal property brought on grounds may not exceed $300.00.  Also, all personal property must be screened before being taken to a room.  There are many items that can not be brought on the facility grounds and are considered contraband.  These items include but are not limited to computers, tablets, knives, over the counter medications, pornographic material and hygeine items that contain alcohol.  ComCor staff will provide each client with a complete list of contraband items.

Is driving permitted?
Some clients may be allowed to drive while living at ComCor, ONLY if the driving authorization has been pre-approved by the assigned Case Manager and Program Manager.  Requesting permission to drive will require a valid driver’s license, a recent driving record, registration for the vehicle and proper insurance.  Driving while at ComCor is a priveledge, not a right.

How about laundry?
Clients are responsible for keeping personal items clean. There are laundry facilities on grounds at each facility.  The machines use quarters. There are change machines in day rooms, and, in the case of some facilities, the tech office can also make change.  Clients may also have someone wash their clothes off grounds.

Mail, packages and items brought on grounds
Clients can have items brought or sent to them at the facility.  All items brought on grounds are subject to search.  Each facility maintains a list of contraband items.  Clients are prohibited from bringing or keeping contraband items on grounds.

Is smoking allowed?
There are designated smoking areas at all facilities. All clients are expected to keep the smoking areas neat and clean.

Best advice to clients
This is a time to take a look at what you don’t want to see happen again. “Keep doing what you were doing and you will keep getting what you were getting.” We believe that people can change. Let us help you change some things you would rather not
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