About Us

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Organizational Background

ComCor, Inc. (ComCor), located in Colorado Springs, is one of the largest private, not-for-profit community corrections programs in the state of Colorado and has been in business for over 30 years. ComCor was established in 1977 as the El Paso County Community Corrections Department after the 1976 passage of the Community Corrections Act by the Colorado General Assembly. In 1984, ComCor, Inc. was formed to continue providing community corrections services in the 4th Judicial District. ComCor goes beyond providing basic community corrections services by offering a unique blend of correctional services and treatment programs that provide opportunities for offenders to change their lives and make positive contributions to society. ComCor’s commitment to upholding strict standards, policies and procedures is designed to enhance public safety by minimizing offender recidivism and community risk. ComCor staff and community treatment specialists provide programs and services to offenders in a wide array of residential and nonresidential programs that are tailored to individual sentencing, treatment and community reintegration needs.


Mission Statement

ComCor has a corporate mission statement that reflects the general purpose, overall goals and organizational values guiding all its operations. This mission statement is reviewed by the corporate board of directors annually and updated as needed. ComCor ensures that all staff members are familiar with the mission statement.

ComCor, Inc., a nonprofit organization, is an integral part of the criminal justice system. We serve the community through efficient and effective programs designed to encourage personal responsibility, reduce criminal behavior and promote public safety in the community.


Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity

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